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Volvo OV4
Volvo Sport (1900) images/f3d0d6f744a385c4d95ffd5e6d309dea.png
Volvo Sport (1900)
In 1954, Volvo introduced an open two-seater sports car it was a sensation.
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Volvo 164
It was the first 6-cylinder car introduced by Volvo in 10 years.
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Volvo 262c Bertone
The car was designed by Volvo in Sweden but produced at the Bertone factory in Italy.
30th years
Tree of history
1924 YEAR
Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson decide to start car production.
In 1924, Assar Gabrielsson, an SKF sales manager, and a KTH Royal Institute of Technology educated engineer Gustav Larson, the two founders decided to start construction of a Swedish car. They intended to build cars that could withstand the rigors of the country's rough roads and cold temperatures.
1927 YEAR
The first Volvo car was produced.
At about 10 am on 14 April 1927, the first series built Volvo, the ÖV4, is driven out of the factory by Hilmer Pettersson.
1929 YEAR
The first engine is released.
The first 6-cylinder Volvo engine, named “DB”, is introduced.
1944 YEAR
The PV 60 is launched.
The iconic PV444 model is unveiled in Stockolm.
1959 YEAR
Volvo gift to the world, modern seat belts.
Volvo’s most important invention, the standard-fit three-point safety belt is introduced, which has saved millions of lives since then.
1964 YEAR
Volvo produced the first million cars.
On 24 April the enormous factory in Torslanda is inaugurated by King Gustaf VI Adolf. By September Volvo has built one million cars and a million gearboxes.
1974 YEAR
Volvo is becoming a safety standard.
The new Volvo 240 (and 260) is regarded as the world’s safest car and in 1976 is labelled the “norm for automotive safety” in the USA.
1976 YEAR
Start of a course to reduce air emissions.
Volvo introduces the world-first Lambda probe and three-way catalytic converter for regulation of car exhaust emissions.
2000 YEAR
Volvo becomes part of Ford.
Volvo Cars become part of the Ford Premir Automotive Group together with Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover. Volvo Cars inaugurates a new Safety Centre in Gothenburg.
2002 YEAR
Start of production of a series of SUVs.
Volvo Cars presents its first SUV, the Volvo XC90, and its High-Performance S60R and V70R models.
2007 YEAR
Volvo introduced the integrated two-stage booster cushion.
In 1964, Volvo began testing the rear-facing child seat. Now, it’s time to introduce a new generation of child safety.
2008 YEAR
Volvo Cars launched City Safety technology.
City Safety includes a sophisticated sensor that's installed at the top of the Volvo windshield. Using radar waves and optics, the small devices scan the road ahead for any moving or stationary obstacles.
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