Volvo V40 Cross country
Volvo XC40
Years of production:
2017 - o.t.
Гент, Бельгия
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Having gained popularity in the full-size and mid-size classes, in autumn of 2017, Volvo presents the most compact of its crossovers:  the XC40.  The car was built based on the latest CMA platform, which allows producing both modifications with traditional ICEs and hybrids, which means, that the car offered the same choice as the older models did. 

Externally, the car continued the theme of the new Scandinavian style set by Thomas Ingenlath.  At the same time, the equipment of the XC40 emphasizes that Volvo rightfully classifies this model as a premium crossover class – for example, the owner can use smartphone contactless charging and the ventilated Harman Kardon system subwoofer under the windshield allowed to refuse from the low-frequency woofers in the doors and, thereby, save space for comfortable pockets. 

The XC40 received the title of 'Car of the Year' in Europe for the combination of properties offered to the buyer in early 2018.

Bodywork type:
wagon car
Number of doors:
Number of seats:
Fuel type:
gasoline or diesel
1,477 cm3 and 1,969 cm3 and 2-liter
from 129 to 247 h.p. (peak torque - from 245 Nm to 400 Nm) or 262 h.p. (total system maximum torque up to 425 Nm)
the car is equipped with gasoline straight 3- and 4-cylinder turbo engines and 2-liter diesel engines as well as two gasoline-electric engines
Acceleration to 100 km/h:
– 10.9 s (front-wheel drive T2 version with power 129 h.p., and automatic/mechanical gear box); – 7.9 s (full-wheel-drive D4 version with power 190 h.p., and automatic gear box); – 7.3 s (full-wheel-drive T5 version with power 262 h.p., and automatic gear box);
Maximum speed:
– 185 km/h (T2 with power of 129 h.p. with automatic/mechanical gear box); – 210 km/h (D4 AWD with power of 190 h.p., and automatic gear box); – 205 km/h (Т5 Twin Engine AWD with power of 262 h.p. with automatic gear box);
– 6-speed mechanical – 7-speed with two engine clutches – 8-speed automatic front-wheel or full-wheel drive with Haldex multiple disk clutch in the rear-wheel drive
Road clearance:
211 mm
Mass and dimensional characteristics
Total length:
4.425 m
2.702 m
Curb weight:
– 1,574 kg (T2 with power 129 h.p., and mechanical gear-box); – 1,871 kg (Т5 Twin Engine AWD with power of 262 h.p., and automatic gear box);
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